Friday, July 25, 2008

Addicted to shopping?!?!

I think a lot of people can relate. Shopping for scrapbook/stamping supplies is one of the best parts. On Joani's blog I saw something that I just had to have! It's called the Hillbilly Hanger. She and her husband built this. Check out her blog by clicking above on Cards made by Hand, to see how to buy one and the story behind it. I just got mine and love it! I'm trying to get more organized this year and this will definitely help me. My internet keeps go in and out so I will end this post. Maybe that is a sign to go shopping!


Joani said...

Oh AnnMarie! You are so funny!!! I logged on to see what's new and I saw this contraption! It's funny looking but I love mine!!
Thanks for the good words!

Jennifer said...

I love this its sooo cute!