Monday, October 6, 2008


Halloween is my favorite holiday. Hidee and I made these cards yesterday. We used SU! cardstock and the cobwebs are felt with adhesion on the back. The chandelier stamp is by Memory Box and it also has little spiders on the end. We liked the swinging chandelier look. I always think of haunted mansions as windy. It was an accident on one of our first cards and we liked it! As Bob Ross would say, it was a happy accident!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hidee is back in town!

Ok, so Hidee by BFF has been in Washington for TWO weeks. She came back this past week and we got together yesterday to make cards! One was the Tim Holtz distressed inks. We're still wokring on that so I will post it later. Another thing we fell in love with were the Anna Griffin laser-cut felt adhesions. They are so much fun!!! I am posting one card I made and I will post more tonight! Hope everyone is having a great wekend!

Holy Wind Storm!

Fortunately for our house we didn't sustain any damage nor did our power ever go out. We just had tree limbs and simple things like that. On the other ther hand we did house some in-laws. So I'm just not sure that having power was a good thing!!!!!! HAHAHA! Here our some pics from our yard.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


As you can see I am still getting the hang of this whole blogging thing!

Glitter Glitter Glitter

As you can see I am still stuck on glitter. Hidee and I have been creating cards like mad women!!! We look at all the glitter on the table and just say ahhhhhhhhh. We call that are happy place! Here is a new stencil I just received. I LOVE this sun! I used all different colors of glitter then used my Black Magic Co'ordinations cardstock, which I have been wanting forever! I finally found it at Hobby Lobby and I even had a coupon! Coupons always make things better. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Can't Stop!

Here are a few more cards I made today. I love seahorses so this stencil was great. I also love the sunflower because it is so versatile. I think with glitter you can mix and match any colors and it will still look great!

When Glitter Happens

I had a glitter accident! I put my glitter in a coffee filter and when I went to move it, well you can see what happened!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I LOVE Glitter

I use to think that glitter was pretty yet so messy. I love the way it looks on a card or a scrapbook page. What can I say, I just love bling! Hidee and I went to the Stampaway Convention last weekend and fell in love with the Powder Keg. Check out

They sell sticky paper that the glitter adheres to. On these cards I used a brass stencil with the sticky paper on the back side then just went crazy with my glitter! I used ultra fine glitter that I also bought at the PK booth. Since the glitter is so fine and the sticky paper is so strong, the glitter does not come off! On most of my cards the glitter will rub off when someone opens it or lays it down, but not these cards! It's great. When I adhere the sticky paper to the layer of my card, I use a brayer to roll over it and smooth it out. Check out the funky paper I used with the fish and my margarita glass!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Do you ever have creative block?

I think that is what I have right now. Of course I never have shopping block! Hidee and I went out on a shopping tour yesterday and had fun. I never run out of things to buy yet I run out of ideas to create. It is so aggravating. So I decided to just think simple. Nothing complicated. I love pink so I used SU! pretty in pink for the base. I used a mat from Mat Stacks with a flower pattern to layer on my base. Then I ran a piece of silver metalic paper (that I bought yesterday at Marco's..hehe) through my cuddlebug. I have had these brads from spare parts for a long time. I thought they were so cute yet I didn't know what to do with them. It just happened that the cuddlebug folder I used fit with my flower brads. So this is a very simple card that was quick to make and made my creative juices flow again! Mission accomplished! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, August 1, 2008


My friend Joani nominated me for a blog award! She is so sweet. Make sure you check her blog, Joani's Handmade Cards. She is so inspiring...Thanks Joani!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I love Saturdays

If you work 9-5 m-f, I think Saturdays are the best day! I cherish my Staurdays. When I was little I think I liked Saturdays because I knew I still had another off day before I had to go back to school. I always played sports in school and our games were always on Saturdays. Of course the games are the best part, not the practicing! Enough about my Saturdays! Anyways here is a card I created. Another Thank You, imagine that! I thought this card was fun. I used SU's Very Vanilla for the base and Almost Amethyst as the first layer. I used a scarp piece of paper with dots for the second layer. I then used a ribbon, not sure what kind, around the bottom of the second layer. It just happened to cordinate with the dotted paper. I stamped the dotted paper with my 7gyspies pre-inked stamper. Then I punched out a tag and stamped thank you on it and connected it with a velvet brad. Voila!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Addicted to shopping?!?!

I think a lot of people can relate. Shopping for scrapbook/stamping supplies is one of the best parts. On Joani's blog I saw something that I just had to have! It's called the Hillbilly Hanger. She and her husband built this. Check out her blog by clicking above on Cards made by Hand, to see how to buy one and the story behind it. I just got mine and love it! I'm trying to get more organized this year and this will definitely help me. My internet keeps go in and out so I will end this post. Maybe that is a sign to go shopping!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Thank You card

Ok...this is the last post for the day. This is a Thank You card that I made and actually loved! I used SU's Whisper White for the base and Very Vanilla for the first layer. I'm not sure where I got the pattern paper because I pulled it from my scrap pile. I used my SU! very vanilla in my tag punch and stamped thank you. I then used a Grand Adhesion sticker on the paper where a flower would be and bam! There is a thank you card!

My new (stamp room) addition!

I bought this after my friend Hidee bought one and loved it. We got it at Michael's and it's made by Making Memories. I think it is so cute. I love being able to put my stamps where I can see them.

I am so excited!

Ok it's only taken me about two weeks and I am back posting! With blogging it's definitely trial an error! A little while ago my whole blog was I Chinese. I am posting a pic of two cards that two very dear friends sent me. One is from Hidee. The picture doesn not do the card justice! The card on the left is from Hidee. I know she used Stampin' Up cardstock. It's hard to see the glitter but in person it really shines. The card on the right is from Kay. This woman has so much talent it's unbelievable! I'm not sure what she used to create this card but I know she loves Stampin' Up. These two creators give me so much inspiration! Thank you!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

This is exciting!

I just created my very own blog...WOW! I am a little intimidated but I think I will get through it. Feel free to leave me any comments or construtive criticism. As soon as I learn how to post pictures with individual posts I will show you some of my creations. I bet you can't wait!! Now I am going to go back to the drawing board and see what else I can do. :)