Sunday, August 17, 2008

I LOVE Glitter

I use to think that glitter was pretty yet so messy. I love the way it looks on a card or a scrapbook page. What can I say, I just love bling! Hidee and I went to the Stampaway Convention last weekend and fell in love with the Powder Keg. Check out

They sell sticky paper that the glitter adheres to. On these cards I used a brass stencil with the sticky paper on the back side then just went crazy with my glitter! I used ultra fine glitter that I also bought at the PK booth. Since the glitter is so fine and the sticky paper is so strong, the glitter does not come off! On most of my cards the glitter will rub off when someone opens it or lays it down, but not these cards! It's great. When I adhere the sticky paper to the layer of my card, I use a brayer to roll over it and smooth it out. Check out the funky paper I used with the fish and my margarita glass!

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Joani said...

AnnMarie! These are great! And I thought that my Mom was the glitter queen.
Great job.